About Us

About Us

Home Repair’s reputation and heritage is built on the pillars of integrity, respect and professionalism. Many truly extraordinary people contributed an enormous amount of passion and commitment into making HomeRepair what it is today. Established in 2002, HomeRepair repairs damaged homes for customers of Australia’s premier insurers and has assisted tens of thousands of home owners recover from damage caused to their home, by water, fire, storm, impact and other disasters.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality customer service, ensuring we complete the repair work with a minimum of stress and interruption to their lifestyle. 

Our years of experience and expertise in the home repair industry, coupled with new technologies and streamlined processes means we are able to deliver innovative building solutions to deliver higher productivity and lower repair costs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. 

We provide an extensive network of home repair services and expertise at locations across Australia.

Customers deserve our absolute integrity. We are known for the quality of our workmanship and professional reliability and at HomeRepair that means simply, doing what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.

We understand customers want and deserve transparency, respect and empathy. Our integrated team of repair assessors and expert tradespeople guide clients through the repair claim and help them to navigate the re-building process. Our proven best practice approach aims to provide customers with open communication and delivers a positive home repair experience without stress and confusion.

Talk to us today and you’ll experience not only those core values but also a company that’s continuously evolving and changing the home repair industry status quo.

Our people-first culture treats every one of our employees as a trusted member of the HomeRepair family. We share an environment that stimulates the freedom to make independent considered decisions, to have opinions, to problem solve, to be accountable and to celebrate successes.

Our team works collaboratively to contribute to our overall performance as a company. HomeRepair pride ourselves on providing opportunities for our people, encouraging them to be confident in making decisions that deliver a better customer repair experience and to embrace the opportunity to make those decisions.

To provide customers a 9+ repair experience in the fastest time possible at the lowest possible cost. 

Honesty - Talking straight, being genuine

Integrity - We do what we say we will do

Courage - Taking accountability, being up front about mistakes and taking considered risks

Fairness - Treating everyone justly and equitably, developing talent and rewarding achievement

Caring - Listening carefully to others, working together to achieve shared goals.

Innovation - That improves the customer experience, reduces repair life and costs