What We Do

If you are interested in working with HomeRepair please register your interest at trades@homerepair.com.au

What We Do

Welcome to HomeRepair, a national repairer owned by the Suncorp Group, serving many of Australia's leading insurers including AAMI, GIO, VERO, APIA and Shannons.

When you lodge a claim with your Insurer for the damage that has occurred to your home, your insurer may appoint HomeRepair to assess the cause of the damage, to prepare a scope of works and to proceed to repair the damage to your home, where appropriate.

We understand that you may not have made a claim for damage to your home before, and the insurance claim and repair process may be a new experience to you. Naturally, you will have questions about your claim, about what will happen next and about how your home will be repaired.

Most importantly, we are here to help you, be assured we will work hard to understand what concerns you most about the damage to your home and to do so with integrity, respect and empathy.

We understand the importance of your home to you, it’s more than just bricks and mortar – it’s personal. You can expect us to listen to you and respond with care and with straightforward advice.

At HomeRepair, all we do is repair homes for your Insurance Company. Our management team, assessors, repair service team, tradespeople and suppliers have a wealth of experience, repair skills and knowledge that is all now at your service.

Please call us on 1300-836-229 for any assistance.

What you can expect to happen next

You will have been provided with a claim number by your insurer.  We are also provided with this number and will use it as a reference when discussing your insurance claim and home repairs with us. 

Our repair assessor will:

  • Assess the damage to your home.
  • Report on what has caused the damage to your home.
  • Discuss and agree on the scope of repairs with you.

Provide the scope of repairs to our repair service team so repairs to your home can commence. 

  • •Help us to help you. No one knows your home better than you do! You may know the source to match materials or what the colour of paint on your damaged wall is. Any information you have often helps.

Our repair service team will call you to:

  • Book in the tradespeople or suppliers to undertake the repairs to your home during normal business hours.
  • Assist you with repair materials selection and to answer any questions you may have.

HomeRepair will repair your home [subject to your insurance policy coverage] however, we are unable to undertake any additional property repair and or improvement work for you. 

  • HomeRepair will make all reasonable efforts to match your existing materials and finishes. In some instances, an exact match may not be possible, as the material may no longer be available. Our repair team will discuss the available options with you.
  • We endeavour to start and complete your repairs as soon as possible for minimal disruption and a seamless experience. Each home and repair need is different and on occasion, unforeseen delays may occur whilst sourcing matching materials. Our repair team will always advise of any anticipated delay or any maintenance that you may need to complete prior to works commencing.
  • In the event of a matching material no longer being available, our repair team will discuss suitable options with you.
  • Yes, we lay down floor and furniture protection and take every reasonable step to protect your home during our repair works. Our repair team will respect your home as if it were their own, and at times may ask you to move collectables and items very special to you as an additional precaution.   
  • Inevitably, building repairs can cause rubble and dust. However, we do make every effort to keep this to a minimum and our repair team will clean up when they have completed their works.
  • Yes. HomeRepair prides itself on upholding our commitment to repairing your home using quality materials and experienced tradespeople. If you have any feedback or concerns, please call our office immediately on 1300-836-229.
  • Yes. For peace of mind, your Insurer and HomeRepair offer a lifetime guarantee for the quality of materials and workmanship of repairs we authorise and arrange. Should a defect arise as a result of poor workmanship or use of incorrect materials, HomeRepair will rectify the problem.